Top 6 Thinner Medium Vallejo – Malfarben

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1. Vallejo

AV Vallejo Modell Air 17 ml – BS Medium Sea Grey

Vallejo - 17 ml pipette Flasche. Und auf wasser basierende Acryl-Farben. Pre-thinned, Düsen direkt aus der Flasche.
Höhe7.94 cm (3.13 Zoll)
Länge2.54 cm (1 Zoll)
Gewicht0.03 kg (0.07 Pfund)
Breite2.54 cm (1 Zoll)

2. Vallejo

AV Vallejo Modell Air 17 ml – USAF Medium grau

Vallejo - Pre-thinned, Düsen direkt aus der Flasche. 17 ml pipette Flasche. Und auf wasser basierende Acryl-Farben.
Höhe7.94 cm (3.13 Zoll)
Länge2.54 cm (1 Zoll)
Breite2.54 cm (1 Zoll)

3. Vallejo

Vallejo Modell Air 60 ml Effilierscheren

Vallejo - 60 ml Bottel. Acrylfarben auf Wasserbasis. Nicht entflammbar. Ungiftig. Konzipiert für den Einsatz wenn Plastik -.
HerstellerAcylicos Vallejo
Höhe9.84 cm (3.88 Zoll)
Länge8.64 cm (3.4 Zoll)
Gewicht0.07 kg (0.15 Pfund)
Breite8.64 cm (3.4 Zoll)

4. Acrylicos Vallejo

Vallejo VJ71161 Airbrush Verdünner, 200 ml

Acrylicos Vallejo - 200-ml-Flasche. Ungiftig. Verdünnt, kann direkt aus der Flasche eingesetzt werden. Für acrylfarben auf Wasserbasis. Nicht entflammbar.
MarkeAcrylicos Vallejo
HerstellerAcylicos Vallejo
Höhe14.61 cm (5.75 Zoll)
Länge4.76 cm (1.88 Zoll)
Gewicht0.2 kg (0.44 Pfund)
Breite4.76 cm (1.88 Zoll)
Garantiegesetzliche Gewährleistung

5. The Army Painter

And Wargames Miniature Model Painting., The Army Painter | Airbrush Medium | Non-Toxic Water-Based Airbrush Thinner and Flow Improver – Paint Thinning Medium for Tabletop Roleplaying, Boardgames

The Army Painter - Therefore, we have made the perfect blend of thinner medium and flow improver to assist you in reducing steps in your paint workflow. This airbrush medium effectively dilutes and prepares your paints for effective application and perfect flow through your airbrush. Non-toxic and eco-friendly – our acrylic warpaints are marked with the nordic swan ecolabel, our paints are non-toxic and safe to use for anyone just starting out miniature painting, the objective of which is to reduce the overall environmental impact from production and consumption of goods.

Furthermore, as well as for the advanced hobbyist concerned with their health without compromising on the quality of their tools. The dropper bottle makes our paints, mediums, and varnishes very convenient for airbrush users. With the army painter, our aim is to help you get awesome painted models on the table and still Get More Time for Gaming!”. Precise and easy-to-squeeze bottles – our airbrush medium comes in a soft 100ml bottle with precise dropper design, making it easy to administer medium in exact quantities. Transform your warpaints for airbrush – effectively double the utility of your the army painter warpaints collection with this single thinner medium designed for use with our high-quality, Star Wars, fine-pigmented acrylic paints.

Perfect for getting even coats of paint with maximum coverage when painting your Warhammer, and Dungeons & Dragons models. Thinner and flow improver in one bottle – our first priority has always been consistency and ease of use. Born from gaming – the army painter is the brainchild of wargaming and painting veterans of many years, bo penstoft and jonas Færing: “We wanted to produce the paints and accessories that could have carried us all the way from the level of novice to experienced painters and gamers when we first started out.
MarkeThe Army Painter
HerstellerThe Army Painter
Höhe3.7 cm (1.46 Zoll)
Länge14.8 cm (5.83 Zoll)
Breite3.7 cm (1.46 Zoll)
Garantie2 jahre

6. Acrylicos Vallejo

Acrylicos Vallejo Fließverbesserer, 200 ml

Acrylicos Vallejo - Kann die trocknungszeit von Farbe während dem Airbrush verzögern. 200-ml-Flasche. Erschaffen, um die Strömung während der Sprühmalens zu verbessern.
MarkeAcrylicos Vallejo
Höhe5.08 cm (2 Zoll)
Länge14.76 cm (5.81 Zoll)
Breite5.08 cm (2 Zoll)
Garantiegesetzliche Gewährleistung